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Osteopathy can be used to treat mental health issues related to back pain, study finds please read more...

21 May 2018

Persistent Pain //


We all feel pain from time to time. When someone injures themselves, specific nerves recognise this as pain, which in turn triggers the body’s repair mechanism. As the problem resolves, the pain tends to improve and usually disappears within 3-6 months. This type of pain could be argued to be beneficial: if it hurts, you are likely to try and avoid doing whatever it is that has caused the pain in the future, so you are less likely to injure yourself in that way again.

Occasionally the pain continues even after tissue healing has finished. When pain continues after this point, it becomes known as persistent (or is sometimes referred to as chronic) pain, Read more...

Osteopaths //


Rohan Iswariah Experienced Registered Osteopath  is trained to recognise and treat a number of causes of pain and dysfunction using an Holistic approach to restoring body function. All osteopaths are recognised under the auspices of the `Osteopaths Act` (1993). Further information relating to how osteopaths treat, the philosophy behind treatment and also what to expect when visiting an osteopath can be found in our FAQs section. More information is available at the osteopathic information pages or you can phone me to discuss any aspects of treatment on t: 01491-838866 

Sitting - Bashir - Movement of spinal di

Sitting at 135 degrees reduces disc pressure by half of the standing index //


The disc nucleus is situated more centrally when an angle between torso and legs is around 135 degrees as discovered by NASA.

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Cherries & Arthritis //


Did you know that researchers in Boston University Medical Center found that eating at least 10 cherries a day protected people with existing gout from recurrent attacks ?

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Training & Experience //

Rohan Iswariah D.O. is a fully trained osteopath, registered with the General Osteopathic Council since its inaugeration in May 2000. I gained my qualification from  The British School Of Osteopathy  in 1983 and have been in full time practice treating all age groups for a wide range of conditions ever since. All osteopaths are required to undertake regular development and training (CPD) Continuing Professional Development

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Differences between osteopathy
chiropractic and physiotherapy ? //


This is one of the most frequently asked questions asked by patients over the phone and also at a first consultation. It is a difficult question to answer succinctly but the link shown here from NCOR ( National Council for Osteopathic Research ) is interesting as it looks at what each profession says about itself and also summarises the information provided by the professional body for each group.


Differences between osteopathy chiropractic and physiotherapy