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History of Osteopathy

" Osteopathy was born on the frontier, Andrew Taylor Still was the founder of Osteopathy, he was an M.D, a Physician, an Author, an Inventor and a Politician, a renaissance man frontier style". (August 6, 1828- December 12, 1917). Read more


Shoulder Pain

As an experienced osteopath, I am trained to try and help you understand what is causing your shoulder pain. Read more...

Persistent Pain

We all feel pain from time to time. When someone injures themselves, specific nerves recognise this as pain, which in turn triggers the body’s repair mechanism. Read more...

Disc Pressures

a new sitting position reclined by 135 degrees reduced disc pressure by 50% . Read more...

Cherries & Arthritis

Did you know that researchers in Boston University Medical Center found that eating at least 10 cherries a day protected people with existing gout from recurrent attacks ? Read more...

The Hazards Of Hairdressing

Studies have shown that 70+% of hairdressers suffer from work related injuries. These affect all parts of the body, mainly in the low back, neck and shoulder areas. Read more...

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